Michiephone Handsets

Note: The Speleonics Michiephones are sold out. I am looking into the costs of producing another batch and will post something here about that in a few months time.
- March 2003 -

For simple, reliable communications in Cave Rescue, Surveying, Exploration and General Underground Use

Michiephones are single wire telephones. A single wire is used to transmit voice and and the return path to complete the circuit is via the earth. They provide simple, reliable communications in cave rescue, surveying, exploration and general underground use. They are widely used by cave rescue squads in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Europe. They are a particularly good complement to a through-the-rock radio communication system.
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Some of their many advantages are:

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Jill chatting on a Michiephone (Image size: ~500x800, 288k)

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Scale drawing (Image size: ~200x400, 3.5k)

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