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These are pictures of the the fluffy deposits seen in the Wilkinson Branch of the Chifley show cave at Jenolan Caves, NSW. They are discussed on the Moonmilk page.

Wilkinson Branch - Fluffy Deposits

fluffy mineral deposit 1
Fig. 1: fluffy stuff, 29 kB jpg image.
Fluffy mineral deposit on sediment. This is effectively a surface coating. It's not lint or mirabilite, but more related to ardealite and needle form calcite.
fluffy mineral deposit 3
Fig. 2: fluffy stuff, 22.7 kB jpg image.
The fluff blankets the substrate like cotton wadding. The substrate here resembles the phosphatic "potatoes" form.
fluffy mineral deposit 4
Fig. 3: fluffy stuff, 34.7 kB jpg image.
A loose piece of fluffy mineral on the ground with a caving glove for scale.
fluffy mineral deposit 2
Fig. 4: fluffy stuff, 35 kB jpg image.
The fluff appears to be an efflorescence on the sediment.
fluffy mineral deposit 5
Fig. 5: fluffy stuff, 38.8 kB jpg image.
Fluffy mineral deposit on (possibly phosphatic) sediment.
fluffy mineral deposit 6
Fig. 6: fluffy stuff, 27.7 kB jpg image.
Fluffy mineral deposit on sediment. The material forms little loose clumps and blobs.

Created 17th February 2006.

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