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Scalebar Package

Spam Obfuscator


All software here is released under the GNU Copyleft licence.

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Scalebar Package for LaTeX

This is a LaTeX package for creating scalebars for maps or pictures.

scalebar_examples.pdf - Examples in PDF format
scalebar.pdf - Package documentation in PDF format

Download a tarball containing scalebar.ins, scalebar.dtx, scalebar_examples.tex, scalebar.pdf and scalebar.pdf from here: scalebar.tar.gz

Or you can get it from CTAN: here.

Quick Instructions:
scalebar.ins - run `latex scalebar.ins' to create the style file scalebar.sty
scalebar.dtx - run `latex scalebar.dtx' to create the documentation.
scalebar_examples.tex - Examples file, run through LaTeX after installing the style file.


Spam Obfuscator

This software is released under the GNU copyright. A copy can be viewed here: COPYING

Download the Perl script and word files here: spam-obfuscator.tar.gz (50kB)


Web-based Kinetics Experiment using Monte Carlo Technique

This software is released under the GNU copyright. A copy can be viewed here: COPYING

To run the experiment you will need the cgi scripts and the HTML files. However you will probably also need the PostScript documentation to get the program up and running. This documentation covers the setup of the Apache server, file permissions and lots of help in trouble shooting. All the files here are UNIX gzipped tar files.

[Sometimes you may get a file that downloads but when you try to gunzip it you get an error message "invalid compressed data--crc error". This is probably because your browser is going through a proxy server and it's truncating the file. Try downloading it using ftp instead.]

Description Approx.
size (k)
File Required?
The cgi scripts 15 cgi-scripts.tar.gz Yes
Static HTML files and images 90 html-files.tar.gz Yes
Pre-formatted tables of random numbers. 125 random_numbers.tar.gz Useful
Documentation in PostScript (get GhostView to read it) 145 kinetics.ps.gz Probably
Documentation in noweb 45 kinetics.nw.gz If a developer

The last file, documentation in noweb format, is not required. It's only here in case you are familiar with noweb and wish to develop the program further (please pass on any improvements). noweb is a literate programming tool. The file kinetics.nw actually contains the complete code and documentation.

Any help in improving the program would be appreciated.

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