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These are my personal pages. Here you will find information on my interests, work and links that I find interesting.
  • CaveScript, the XML Markup Language for cave survey and mapping that I was developing is now shelved. It can be found at the CaveScript Home Pages.
  • Jill did an MSc in Cave Mineralogy at Sydney University. Her pages can be found here: Jill's Pages.
  • For information on Michiephones, the cave communication units that I used manufacture but no longer do, see the Speleonics Web Page.
These pages can also be accessed from the main Speleonics Web pages.

My handle at the Mastodon AusSocial site is @MikeLake

Michael Lake

The location of these pages is at: http://www.speleonics.com.au/mikes/
Last updated: Monday, 28 November 2022